Breakfast Burrito “Intestines” Recipe for Halloween

Breakfast Burrito “Intestines” Recipe for Halloween

Dine with the Dead, Brunch edition

The rules are simple:

  • Create delicious food
  • That looks scary/gross/weird/dead

The guests may come dressed:

  • As the dead
  • Mourning the dead

Breakfast Intestines

Dine with the Dead is one of my favorite Halloween traditions. We try to host this every year, some years better than others. The open chest cavity (rack of lamb with roasted red pepper heart) was exceptional, as was the eyeballs flambé. The squid ink pasta was not a huge hit. Forbidden rice? Win! Sinister chicken? Meh.

For this edition, we wanted to expand our horizons a bit, so we choose to do exclusively brunch items. Bloody Mimosas, Eyeball Yogurt Parfaits, and our hands down favorite, Breakfast Intestines.

This recipe can be adapted to nearly any filling, the one below is outstanding. It was, admittedly, hard to stomach (no pun intended), but taste-wise, resembled a breakfast burrito or a breakfast pot pie (if such a thing exists).


Breakfast Burrito Intestines

Serves 4


  • 1 pkg Puff Pastry, thawed per instructions
  • Small Sweet Peppers, in assorted colors
  • 1 Egg White
  • Red Food Coloring

filling (feel free to pick your favorite breakfast burrito ingredients here)

  • 1 ½ cup Scrambled Eggs (we choose to dye half greenish and half mauve-ish)
  • 5 slices Bacon, cooked medium-rare, chopped
  • ½ cup Cheese, shredded (we used Cheddar)
  • ½ cup Salsa


  1. Preheat oven to 375, and line a 9″ x 13 ” pan with parchment paper
  2. Divide each puff pastry sheet into 3 equal strips lengthwise. Lightly flour a long work surface and lay each strip so that the skinny ends connect (you’re making a really long snake).  Press and seal the seams between strips.
  3. Layer the filling ingredients down the entire length of the dough, leaving the edges free to pinch close.
  4. Pinch the entire length of the dough to seal it closed. Stretch the dough where necessary.
  5. Cut the peppers into halves lengthwise (so that they are long and narrow). Place the peppers into the baking dish. If you’d like, you can roast the pepper in advanced for a more toxic organs look. In the image, we have one small yellow pepper, one larger red pepper, and one dark reddish green tomato that shriveled in baking.
  6. Gently arrange the intestine into a a squiggly shape over the veggies.
  7. Whisk the egg white with a small amount of red food coloring. Brush the top of the pastry with the egg white, adding extra to the crevices.
  8. Bake 20 minutes, or until golden brown.
  9. Serve warm.

Intestines Fresh Out of the Oven

A couple of notes:

  • Do not overcook filling ingredients, as they are going to bake for additional time. 
  • Food coloring is your friend. We made 2 scrambled eggs with a greenish hue, and they looked like bile. We scrambled 3 eggs with a mauve-ish hue and they easily passed for just miscellaneous insides.
  • Feel free to substitute or add anything. Other great options:
    • Sausage
    • Potatoes
    • Chorizo
    • Beans
    • Sour Cream (dye!)
    • Avocado
    • Hot Sauce
Melt Your Husband’s Heart Cinnamon Sticky Buns Recipe

Melt Your Husband’s Heart Cinnamon Sticky Buns Recipe

Gooey Goodness My husband loves cinnamon-sugar flavored dough-based products. We’re at a diner, what does he want for breakfast?

Cinnamon French Toast

We’re at a carnival or fair, what kind of snack does he want?

A churro

What’s his favorite cereal?

Cinnamon Toast Crunch

What’s his favorite dessert?


  Starting to see a trend?   You can basically take any bread product, dip it in cinnamon and sugar and he will be happy. And really, it’s a good thing to know this about my husband. With one simple recipe I can win his attention, an argument, or his heart. Okay, I might be exaggerating, but you get the idea 🙂 So imagine the kind of points I can win if I make the worlds best Cinnamon Sticky Buns?




I first had these at a girlfriend’s house and knew immediately I had to have the recipe. Since then I’ve made large gooey rolls, and mini rolls, both outstanding. They take some time (overnight), but don’t require too much labor. Also, if you want to eat them in the morning, you’ll need to get up early, preheat the oven, baking time, cooling time… you get the picture. I recommend starting these on Friday or Saturday night and having them for brunch on Saturday or Sunday. They keep relatively well for a couple days so you can take the leftovers to work on Monday (not that we ever have leftover anything cinnamon-flavored in our house). Sunken Cinnamon Roll, still delicious

Melt Your Husband’s Heart Cinnamon Sticky Buns

Recipe care of Makes 9 large or 18 small rolls

roll ingredients

  • 1 ¼ cup Milk
  • 1 tsp Vanilla
  • 3 tbsp Butter
  • 3 cups Flour
  • 3 tbsp Sugar
  • 1 ¼ tsp Salt
  • 2 tsp Instant Yeast

filling ingredients

  • ¾ cup Brown Sugar
  • 1 tbsp Cinnamon

caramel ingredients

  • ⅓ cup Butter
  • 1 cup Brown Sugar
  • ¼ cup Light Corn Syrup
  • 1 cup Pecans, chopped

assembly ingredient

  • 6 tbsp Butter, room temperature


      1. Layer the roll ingredients in your bread machine according to your bread maker’s instructions (we have and love this breadmaker). Set to ‘Dough’ cycle. If you regularly make bread, you can also do this manually. I don’t have that skill set, so I use the breadmaker and it comes out perfect.
      2. While the dough is mixing prepare the filling. Mix the ¾ brown sugar and cinnamon together in a small bowl.
      3. Grease the bottom and sides of a 9″ x 9″ baking pan for large rolls or a 13″ x 9″ baking pan for small rolls.
      4. When the dough cycle is nearly finished, begin making the caramel by combining the ⅓ cup butter, 1 cup brown sugar, and corn syrup in a small pan over moderate heat. Heat and stir just until the syrup is dissolved, then pour it into the greased baking pan and spreafilling ingredientsd it out. Sprinkle the chopped pecans over the caramel.Prepped Caramel in Pan
      5. When the dough cycle ends place the dough on a lightly floured surface and roll out to 12″ x 15″ rectangle.
      6. Spread the 6 tbsp room temperature butter on the dough leaving a 1″ border.
      7. Sprinkle the cinnamon and sugar filling over the butter.
      8. For large rolls, roll the dough lengthwise. For small rolls, roll the dough widthwise. Pinch the seams closed. Cut the dough into sections, 9 large or 18 small (or whatever size you like). Place in the prepared, carameled baking pan spiral side down, close together.Cut Cinnamon Rolls
      9. Cover the baking pan tightly with plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight or at least 6 hours. The dough will rise. IMG_2397
      10. When you are ready to bake, remove the baking pan from the refrigerator and let come to room temperature for 20 – 30 minutes. Risen Rolls
      11. Preheat oven to 350.
      12. After the dough has been out of the refrigerator for 20 – 30 minutes, place in the oven and bake at 350 for 30 – 35 minutes or until nicely browned (darker than sugar cookies “golden brown) on top. Nicely Browned
      13. Remove from the oven and immediately flip onto another surface. I like to flip onto a baking sheet lined with a silpat so that it doesn’t stick and for easy cleanup. To do this, I recommend placing the hot baking pan on a wire rack. Then place the baking sheet (and silpat) upside don the baking pan. While firmly holding the wire rack and baking sheet together, flip the buns over quickly away from your body. Be careful! The caramel inside will be boiling and you do not want this on your skin. Flipped Rolls
      14. Let the buns cool 20 – 30 minutes before serving. Your husband (kids, partner, friends, neighbors) will smell them and want to eat them at this time. Don’t let them (him). It will only result in burned fingers and tongues, and the caramel will be too runny to enjoy. I promise it will be better later.
      15. Now that you have waited patiently, serve.

Mini Cinnamon Sticky Bun