I have been dying to make Lobster Mac and Cheese since the first time I heard of it which had to have been in the late 90s. The marriage of the creamy mac and cheese and delicate chewiness of the lobster seemed an unbeatable combination. The dream was always delayed because:

  1. Lobster is expensive
  2. I hate taking risks on expensive ingredients

The other day lobster was on sale for $5 a tail, so I bought 4, the store limit. After feasting on a lobster tail dinner with my husband, I decided to use the last two tails on a Lobster Mac Fest. I spent a lot of time researching recipes, and have had a couple iterations. For example, I knew I didn’t want a bland white bechamel sauce, but rather a punchier cheddar based sauce. I wanted to use a heartier noodle, and not some ravioli or shell or linguini. Scouring the web, and after watching a plethora of Food Network episodes dedicated to the cause, I decided on this recipe courtesy of The Neelys. The sauce is creamy, decadent, flavorful, and a gorgeous color. I opted for spirals instead of penne, and likely used more cheese than the recipe calls for, though after watching the video, so do they.


Lobster Mac and Cheese… the sum is less than the whole of its parts.

The concoction is good. Maybe even great. But is it better than a lobster tail with a really good mac and cheese on the side? Eh…

I do not blame the recipe. The recipe is outstanding and completely accurate. It’s just when you get a good bite of a chunk of lobster embedded in molten cheese alongside a swirl of perfectly al dente  pasta, you can’t help but wish that the mac and cheese tasted slightly less oceany, and that the lobster were simply steamed and served with lemon and butter.

Call me crazy, but some foods are better left in the pure form and need no adornment.

So, if someone else is serving it, make mine a double. If I am paying for it, and preparing it? I think I can do better.