I once saw a photo of these chrysanthemum cupcakes, and thought they would be impossible to reproduce, but it turns out they were rather easy, if a little labor intensive. Even better, when I brought them into work my colleagues thought I was a super-genius, though in truth, these required no special skills.

The basic principle is simple: cut mini marshmallows in half on the bias. Dip in sugar. Attach to cupcake with frosting.

Your best bet is to employ a friend to do the cutting of the marshmallows while you attach them, or vice versa. Just make sure the person with the most attention to detail does the attaching. Marshmallows that have been poorly sliced can be eaten 🙂


  • Cupcakes
  • Frosting
  • Mini Marshmallows
  • Colored Sugar Sprinkles


  1. Let cupcakes cool completely
  2. Pour one color of sugar sprinkles into a cereal bowl
  3. Cut mini marshmallows on the bias and drop immediately into the sprinkles
  4. Toss marshmallows with the sugar, ensuring an even coat on the exposed sticky cut
  5. Frost one cupcake at a time
  6. Arrange marshmallows onto cupcake, starting in the center
  7. If desired, add larger sprinkles to the center for the stamen

I was oddly out of colored sugar sprinkles, so I made some by taking simple white table sugar and adding food coloring. I found I had to use my fingers to evenly disperse the color, but it otherwise worked perfectly. Start with a couple drops, though I ended up using quite a bit.