Table Setting

Setting the mood for dinner.

Every October we like to host a dinner called, “Dine With the Dead.” Basically we like to make delicious food that tastes delicious, looks creepy, and create a spooky atmosphere. Guests may dress as though they are attending a funeral, either as a guest or in the casket. Over the years we have collected several pieces to add to our table, and this is just a glimpse.


  • Claw champagne glass
  • Lacy spiderweb tablecloth over white tablecloth (buy)
  • Black velvet, skull table runner
  • Skull candles
  • Spider candle holder
  • Spider ring napkin holder
  • Black cloth napkins
  • Candles in red candle holder
  • Red lightbulbs in regular dining room light (mood lighting)
Claw glass

The full scene